Puppy Waitlist

We made the waitlist simple:

There is so much love for these dogs, the response has been overwhelming. We want to spend more time caring for the dogs, so we created a system to make it easy for you:

If there are no deposits available on our deposits page then we are sold out at that time. However if you sign up for our waitlist you will receive emails from us letting you know when we will have more deposits available or if any puppies become available throughout the year. 

You do not have to put any money down to be on the waitlist. Our waitlist works on a first come first serve basis so it does not matter when you have signed up. If you get an email from us letting you know there are deposits or puppies available you simply go to the deposits tab at the designated time and purchase what you wish in online store.  

We are not not planning to open for 2022deposits until summer 2021. We have sold out of 2021 deposits. However sometimes we have more puppies than anticipated. So if you are on the waitlist you will hear about any deposits or extra puppies that become available. 

Thanks for submitting!