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Puppy Waitlist

Finally, a Labrador breeder with a simple waitlist.

Puppies available now! contact us for more information or view them in the available puppies section or in the store!

The waitlist 

There is so much love for these dogs, the response has been overwhelming. We want to spend more time caring for the dogs, so we created a system to make it easy for you:

Step 1.  Sign up for the waitlist. 

Step 2.  Receive an email when we have puppies available.  We will give you the time and date they will be listed in the site store, and it is first come first serve.

Step 3.  Pick a puppy in the store and purchase. 

Step 4. Once purchased, we will contact you for a brief interview to ensure you're awesome. If we feel it is not a good fit, we will promptly return the payment and email the list with the availability.

Step 5.  Pick up your puppy and learn to fall in love all over again. 

Thanks for submitting!

Waitlist: Sales Lead
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