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Stories & Photos

 Photos and testimonials from the Vancouver Island Labradors  families 

It is our pleasure to be able to set up these wonderful families with a wonderful furry friend! We hope you enjoy these photos and stories as much as we do!

More coming soon! We just added this section!

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We got Luke (Chocolate Lab) in March of 2020, this being our first dog it was very important to choose the right breed and breeder. Once we met her and she showed us her dogs and the litter she had available we knew we hit the jackpot. Luke is 85 pounds of pure joy, he has no mean bone in body (even when he was not fixed), and wants to always play with other dogs, people and most important little people, he is full of energy and extremely healthy.

Vancouver Island Labradors advised us through the care of the puppy with great patience, and even hosted us for a visit after a couple of months of picking the puppy up.

We are a big family, and bigger now with this four legged chocolate, looking forward to new things with him and my girls.

Thank you, 

Vergara family 

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Cricket will be 5 years old this in April 2021. She was born the day my husband passed away. I met her three weeks later. She was the firecracker of the litter, the smallest, most mischievous, most adventurous of the lot. Yet she was/is one of the easiest dogs to train. She was a steadfast anchor in a difficult time.

She loves chasing the ball and can find it in the bush in the dark by smell. On our walks, if I tell her she may, she will approach people and drop the ball at their feet inviting them to play too. She has a fan club in our neighbourhood! 

So many folks tell me what a beautiful dog she is, but I already know that. Her looks are as lovely as her sweet personality.

Thank you so much to VI labs for setting me up with her.


Corrine P

Stories & Photos: About Me
Stories & Photos: Pro Gallery
Stories & Photos: Pro Gallery


We are so very much in love with our Benson! He is a character... he is gentle, he is silly, and we just adore him! We are so grateful to you guys for helping us have this incredible pup. He is amazing with the kids, he isn’t jumpy and wild, overall he’s just an awesome guy! He’s learning quickly and is very smart! Again, we are very grateful to all of you!!

The Gordon Family

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King Louie

Louie is everything and more than we hoped for in our new family member. 

He’s very smart, obedient and learns quickly. 

You have done an excellent job. 

Hanna Family

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Named after a Norwegian dumpling!


 A "kumla" is a food in Norway that is a potato dumpling with sausage in the middle  Here's the recipe:

Kumla is a very sweet natured boy.  He adores all beings big and small.  I believe it's his mission in life to be pet or sniff every creature on this planet.  His training is going very well.  He is intelligent and picks up new things quickly.  He LOVES playing fetch with balls, sticks, and frisbees.  He is a beautifully made dog.  He has long limbs, big feet, and a sleek body.  His big floppy ears and gentle eyes are fan favourites!  

His favourite chew treats are yak sticks.  His favourite resting spot is on lawn chairs or under our legs while we are sitting on the couch.  He loves neck and chest scratches.  When he's very tired, he will come up to you on the couch and he likes to have his lower and upper lip whiskers tickled.  Recently we have discovered off leash walking in the forest with him is his absolute favourite.  The grin on his face while he zooms through the forest and keeps track of his humans is unmistakable.

We had a very good experience with VI Labradors!  From initial contact to pickup everything went smoothly!!

The Nickolet Family

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We were fortunate enough to purchase a beautiful black lab and took delivery in early January 2021. Our black lab is six months old now and is a really great dog. He fits in with our family so well. He is so outgoing, unafraid and just a lot of fun. He has is very popular in the neighbourhood. Remington is everything a lab retriever should be. 

Thank you VI Labradors working with you has been a pleasure. 

Atkinson family 

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